Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, Saint in Bari
 as told by James Rosenthal

Saint Nicholas was a fourth-century bishop of Myra in Asia Minor (now southern Turkey). The image of Nicholas as a worker of wonders was enhanced by a ninth-century author and he is now best known through these stories. Many of them concern his love and concern for children, how he fed the hungry during a famine, revived three pickled boys, and fought for the oppressed and innocent. He saved three girls from a life of prostitution by providing them with dowries and so developed the tradition of bearing gifts to children on his feast day, a main focus in our Christmas celebrations. St Nicholas is also one of the patron saints of Russia as well as Aberdeen, Nancy and New York. He is the true Father Christmas and Santa Claus. His feast days are 6 December and 9 May. His buried in Bari, Italy, taken from Myra/Demre in 1087 by Italian sailors.

Editor’s note: With thanks to the Church of England Exalting Holiness collection, a good summary for programs, bulletins and magazines.

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Our saint has many "versions" of his name, but they all are the same wonderful Saint of the Christmas season.

Saint Nicholas (of Myra)

San Nicola (of Bari)

St Nicolas  (French spelling)

Samichlaus (Swiss)

Sint Niklaas  (Flanders)

Sint Nicolaas (Holland)

Hl Nikolaus  (Austrian)

Nikolo  (German)

Sankt Nicolai  (German)

Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) - Netherlands/USA

Nikolai  (Russian)

Agios Nikolaos  (Greek)

San Niccolo (Italian)

St Nick  (USA)

St Nikola  (Europe, Donau)

Sw Mikolaj  (Poland)




Patron Saint of, or associated with:

Against imprisonment, Against robberies, Against robbers, Apothecaries, Bakers, Barrel Makers, Boatmen, Boot Blacks, Boys, Brewers, Brides, Captives, Children, Coopers, Dock Workers, Druggists, Fishermen, Greece, Greek Catholic Church in America, Greek Catholic Union, Grooms, Judges, Lawsuits lost unjustly, Longshoremen, Lorraine, Maidens, Mariners, Merchants, Murderers, Newlyweds, Old Maids, Parish Clerks, Paupers, Pawnbrokers, Perfumeries, Perfumers, Pharmacists, Pilgrims, Poor people, Portsmouth - England, Prisoners, Russia, Sailors, Scholars, Schoolchildren,

Shoe Shiners, Sicily, Spinsters, Students, Thieves, Travellers, Unmarried girls & Watermen.





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