Another Visit from St Nicholas

as told by James Rosenthal

On the fifth of December, the children aware,
The cities and villages were ready with care,
To see good St Nicholas arrive to impart
The gifts and the good things that all warm our hearts

He comes in December, his presence we hail
The stories and songs, the glorious tale
Of a saint and bishop who loved young and old
Whose legends are glorious and miracles bold

The shops and the streets all glitter and glow
His image and symbols, his true nature show
The cards and the giftwrap, the chocolates, all
Remind us he comes with gifts great and small

In most regal splendour, a friend at his side,
the horse and the carriage all set for his ride,
from church and cathedral, the bells gaily ring
In great expectation of what he will bring

His shining red cope and his miter of gold
The crozier and ring and is cross very old
The bishop and pastor, his apparel assures
His message of love is one that will endure

On entering homes, his smile and his gaze
Remind little children, be good and behave,
A sad time for those who have done little good
A fun time for all who did what they should

The first house to visit was Willie and Sue
The knock on the door meant the waiting was through
A cold rush of wind and thump of his stick
As mother and father responded so quick

St Nicholas entered his face red and cold
His robes were like crimson, his hat bright and gold,
His bag full of toys, and all manner of things
The true sense of joy that this great day brings

The cat and the dog sat calm and serene
Much better the children could ever have been
His helper the list of good children did read
The bishop took note of each kind word and deed

The children were thrilled, the saint bid goodbye
Now through the dark night his horse seemed to fly,
The stockings and shoes, overflowing for all
Were signs of the fact that St Nick on them called

His parting, a blessing and nod of the head
His message we carry as we go on to bed
December the sixth, the morning shall bring
Joy and delight as his carols sing

He goes as he came with a flash of great light
We watch and we wave, he vanishes from sight
We hear his deep voice sing aloud and with glee
Happy Christmas to all, pray you merry be

The hopes and the dreams of the blessed saint's day
In homes and in schools help make plain the way
To a holy and wonderful Christmas and more
As Bethlehem's child we all do adore

He is Father Christmas and Santa Claus,too
But saint and good bishop, the titles are due,
He points to one greater, he wants us to see
How holy and blessed all our lives can now be

St Nicholas pray that we celebrate well
The gift of the Saviour, his story to tell
for the one who deserves our praise and delight
Is the child of Mary born on that holy night.

© 2009 St Nicholas Society/Rosenthal

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